Sayings Board

I first started a ‘Sayings Board’ back in the ’80s while working with a dairy cattle and semen company in California – just to capture the funny / inspiring things people said. It was literally a 22″ x 28″ poster we taped to the wall and scribbled on with markers. Here it is again … stay strong, folks.

Nevertheless, she persisted. ~Elizabeth Warren.

Reclaiming my time. ~Maxine Waters.

Black Lives Matter.

Take A Knee.

Me Too. (Who hasn’t?)

You are responsible and accountable for the consequences of your thoughts and actions, both those foreseen and unforeseen.

Focus on the behavior, issue or situation; not the person. ~Leadership 2000

Just tell me I can’t.

I am no man. ~Eowyn.

To the privileged, equality feels like oppression. ~Evelyn Gingersnap Stice

“What do we do now?” Said no woman ever. ~Reese Witherspoon

Yes, I’m a snowflake; and you should know – winter is coming.

If you can’t farm without harming those downwind or downstream from you: Get. Out. Of. Farming.