About Us


Brother and sister team, Nick Zeman & Kathy Zeman, in front of the original house on the farm, now home to the hens producing Nick’s Eggs. This is Kathy’s 3rd farm, which she bought in 2006, and immediately transitioned it to organic food production. It’s all “highly erodible land” so it’s planted to grass and grazed by just enough but-not-too-many different species of livestock to adequately fertilize the soil, while building healthy immune systems in the animals. 
“This land really highlights the importance of farming land the way it’s asking to be farmed, and producing food without chemicals or antibiotics. When we bought this farm, it was row-cropped and had lots of soil erosion, which meant chemical-laden water and topsoil ran downhill directly into the creek on the east that feeds into Prairie Creek,” noted Kathy. “That’s why we put it all into perennial pasture, fenced it in, and graze livestock. And it was critical to get to scale so we could use our own organic livestock manure to fertilize our soil.” 

“Organic food production can feed the world – in fact, it used to. And it is just as important for what is doesn’t do, as for what it does: it doesn’t create antibiotic-resistant bacteria and it doesn’t kill the bees and butterflies.”

Where We’re Located

We’re located 7 miles south & east from Northfield – or just 2 ½ miles outside of Nerstrand. From Northfield, take Hwy 246 to County Road 30 (aka Valley Grove Road). Follow CR 30 five miles to our driveway on the north side of the road. From Nerstrand, take Hwy 246 to County Road 30. Follow CR 30 west 1 ¼ miles to our driveway on the north side of the road. Address: 9800 ~ 155th Street East, Nerstrand MN 55053 ||| (507) 664-9446 /// kzeman1958@gmail.com